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Swaddle recommendations

Anyone with recommendations for a good infant swaddler? LO is 6 weeks and will not sleep anywhere other than on my chest. He lasts a max of half an hour in the swing or RnP and easily startles himself awake. I think a good tight swaddle may help keep him sleeping longer and not in top of me so I can get some sleep too. We have tried swaddling with blankets and he wiggles out and also tried the summer infant SwaddleMe but the Velcro is so loud it wakes him up.
I was looking online and there seems to be a number of other options - miracle blanket, woombie, sleep sac, ect and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these and would recommend one over the other. Thanks!

Re: Swaddle recommendations

  • We were given a fleece Halo wrap while at the hospital. Our baby girl is 8 weeks and sleeps swaddled with the Halo almost every night. It keeps her wrapped tight but she can still move her feet with the loose bottom. They have different materials to look at for purchase on their website. Good luck finding one that works for your LO!
  • Our little one has always gotten out of swaddles. We recently discovered double swaddling. Look it up on youtube. It is amazing our 11 week old is now sleeping 7 hours straight.
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  • woombie! We also used sleep sacks and just pinned the arms down so he wouldn't startle himself awake. it allowed him to adjust to sleeping a bit more freely
  • I also recommend the halo wraps. I got one at my baby shower and let me tell you, that thing has been a life saver. My little guy sleeps like a rock when swaddled with it.
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    Summer infant swaddleme with the Velcro. Those were lifesavers.


  • mine refuses to be swaddled and fights while putting it on.  we have ordered Merlins magic sleeper and it should be here this week. Hope it works out like it says!
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