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hi ladies. Just wanted to check in and see if anyone has experienced this: last Monday (2/9) I woke up at midnight in the worst pain in my stomach was up all night finally called my dr told to wait it out since she thought it was ligament pain I informed her I knew the difference and thought it was my appendix. Well I went to work anyways in hopes the pain would get better but of course got worse and moved to my side and went to the hospital found out through mri it was an appendicitis and that if I waited any longer it would have blew out my kidney as well. So much for "waiting it out" in the meantime my ob dr found out through the mri images I had a short cervix so was in the hospital 3 days. Today I went to my dr and now my cervix is only .63 inches so it's extremely short so I just can't get a break. Now told because of my appendix it caused my cervix issues and have to be bedridden for 2 weeks in hopes I don't go into labor I'm only 23 weeks today and have already lost 3 in 2013 so I'm stressed. So through this long rant has anyone had a short cervix and it work out? Just feel helpless just want to meet my little man safely so unbelievably stressed.

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  • I have no experience but I wanted to tell you my thoughts are with you and your LO.
    **Losses Mentioned**
    Me 41, DH 38 
    TTC #1 since 9/2014 AMH 3.68, FSH 6.6
    IUI#1 12-02-2015 Letrozol, Gonal-F, Pregnyl, Acupuncture, BFP 12-17-2015 beta 1=72, beta 2=64, beta 3=10 MC 12-20-14 
    IUI#2 01-08-2015 Letrozol, Gonal-F, Pregnyl, Acupuncture, BFP 01-23-2015 beta 1=151, beta 2=450, beta 3=6524, beta 4= 29380 u/s at 7w5d baby with heartbeat measuring 6w2d. u/s 2-24 gestational sac only, beta 59400 MC 2-24-15 @ 8w6d D&C 2-27-15. Pathology results 47XX +20

    Diagnosis AMA and compound heterozygous MTHFR
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