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Pregnant after 35

How Do You Deal with Pregnancy Aches and Pains?

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Are you feeling the aches and pains that come with pregnancy? As annoying as the experience may be, there is a silver lining. All of that soreness means your body is preparing for delivery!

Check out our tips to find out how you can stay comfy despite it all.

What are your methods for easing pregnancy pain?

Re: How Do You Deal with Pregnancy Aches and Pains?

  • Great advise! I tried a few of these tips while being pregnant and it helped.
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    @alij7 That's great to hear! Which of these worked best for you?
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  • Yoga really helps
  • numbr2 said:

    Yoga really helps

    Such a great way to calm you and baby and gives you an energy boost afterwards!
  • I worked 1:1 with a pilates instructor / exercise physiologist. We met weekly and she showed me stretches and exercises for my low back. I did them almost every day. what a difference when I missed a day too! I have a coworker who was 2 weeks ahead of me with her pregnancy. No one at work believed we were only 2 weeks apart because I looked so much more comfortable than she did.

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  • Stretching everyday :)
  • I enjoy walking. ( I did not before). Also a heating pad is nice on my back. It's one of those that has beans and goes in the microwave so it's cooling overtime to not keep your body temp up.

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