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Overactive Letdown

Ok so my son is 7 weeks today and we have had multiple struggles with breastfeeding, one of them is I have an overactive let down I will spray everywhere when I feed him. At first he starts choking and than when that stops he latches on and than latches off because of the amount of milk he is getting. For the last few weeks this has been getting worse and he has gotten extremely fussy. I finally started pumping during the day and in the evening when my supply isn't as high breastfeeding. Now I read online that giving babies pumped breast milk isn't as beneficial. I'm so frustrated Ive seen multiple lactation nurses and I'm trying to do what's right but I feel like I keep running into obstacles. Any advice?

Re: Overactive Letdown

  • You're feeding your baby and that is what matters. Pumping is fine. Breast is fine. Formula is fine. Don't be discouraged because of what the Internet says.

    It a might be frustrating, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is a fed baby :)


  • I have the same problem. It is kind of hard to have to keep stopping and calming her down, and I don't know of anything you can do about it (sorry, not helpful). But I am glad at least I have lots of milk and she gets full fairly quickly.
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  • I am having a similar problem and have found that blocked feedings and reclined or laid back nursing positions have been helpful. With the laid back positions he is working against gravity to pull milk out instead of getting flooded as it pours out which cut way down on the coughing, choking, and gas.
    Try not to get discouraged and do what works for you. If the pumping works then go with it.
  • Thanks for the ideas! I am going to try reclining and continue pumping as that seems to be helping a lot with the fussiness!
  • I have the same problem in the morning when milk production is at its highest. I have found that getting in a comfortable laid back position helps a lot. If I sit up straight while nursing he gets too much too quickly and starts to choke. Keeping doing what works for you! Pumped milk is just the same as right from the breast!!
  • I have the exact same problem my LO chokes so much and it sprays all over her face and I go through shirts like nothing. I also turned to pumping and my midwife said that it confuses baby and encourages them to become more fussy. It also may confuse your supply. We are having latching troubles because of how much she's spitting off. And i get annoyed because letdown is really painfull its asif theres a massive needle being drawn into your breasts to open the flow and then its like showering everywhere .so annoying
  • Oh the joys of breastfeeding! Lol
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    I had the same issue and have had success with the following.
    1. Always nursing laid back/ belly to belly ( this helps with flow, but I also find it helps him burp or fart while feeding which reduces gassiness later)
    2. ALWAYS wearing breast pads. I find the bamboobies hold the most milk and are least itchy.
    3. Always nursing with a nursing bra or tank, with the nursing boob exposed and the other covered with a breast pad in (of course) - also, I tuck a burp cloth into the bottom part of the nursing bra/tank on the side I am feeding (like a boob bib) to catch the overflow and prevent his and my clothes from getting soaked.
    4. Using a nipple shield. This "catches" some of the milk in the tip so it doesn't just spray everywhere, and also regulates the flow somewhat.
    5. I have no solution for the painful letdown :( I just breathe through it and hope it gets better one day!
  • I also have this problem. Like the previous people said the reclining nursing position and blocked feelings really help. Another thing I do is keep an extra burp cloth with me. When it starts to spray out I'll catch it for a few seconds into the cloth, then once it slows down my daughter will latch back on. Another option would be to get one of the breastfeeding cups to catch it in so it wouldn't be a waste if it lasts longer. Mine is quick so it isn't much to catch.
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  • Lurking form D14...definitely try a nipple shield. It worked wonders for me. Also I had this problem for a few days and then magically it cured itself...things are so dynamic with babies I wouldn't worry too much, it could get better before you know it! The body has a wonderful way of adjusting to your babies needs.
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  • I had the same problem and read online there is foremilk and hindmilk. Foremilk is more watery and gives baby energy, hindmilk comes after and it is thicker and stimulates the baby. If you have a fast letdown then the baby is only getting foremilk bc it comes so quick and fills the baby up before the hindmilk comes. I read to nurse the whole session on one side and then use the same side 2-4 times before switching sides. This is to make sure the baby is getting both milks. I did this and in about 4 days my milk supply regulated to what baby needs. Before I started I pumped to empty all the milk I had for a fresh start. It is hard to do and can be painful feeling engorged but it worked so good! You can pump the opposite side but just for a tiny bit to relieve the pressure. If you keep pumping then it's telling your body that it needs to produce more milk and that you have twins or triplets your feeding. When I started I nursed on the right side 4 times in a row then the left, then went to 3 times on each side all the way down to just once. So I still only feed one side for the entire feeding but it definitely feels so much better and I'm not spraying milk out like crazy lol. Once your milk is regulated then you can pump once every morning to store a supply. It's helped my baby so much, she was really fussy and gassy before and would arch her back away when I would go to feed her bc she knew the milk would come fast and cause her to choke and cough but now she's a lot happier:) just what worked for me and hopefully will work for you too!:)
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