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Where does LO sleep?

Where does your LO sleep?
In cradle/bassinet, crib or your bed?
And in your room or in another room?
Our LO sleeps in cradle in our room. He does have a crib in another room that he's taken day naps in, but not at night yet. I guess I'm selfish because he's ready to sleep in crib at night- I guess I just don't want to get out of bed every hour to go soothe him when he easily falls right back to sleep by a simple sway of the cradle... Just curious if I'm the only one who has LO in my room still

Re: Where does LO sleep?

  • We moved him to his own room after about 6 weeks, I just couldn't sleep with his noises. First he was in a rock n play but at 3 months he outgrew it and we moved him to a crib :)
  • Initially in a Moses next to bed, then end of room (5 weeks) then into crib (when Moses outgrown) now in cot in own room (5 and half months) xx
  • My LO sleeps in our room in a pack n play right next to our bed. When he sleeps through the night or is more consistent in sleeping long stretches I'll think about moving him. It's just easier for me to nurse or soothe. And I just feel better knowing I can wake up and check on him.
  • My LO sleeps in bed with us right now, or occasionally in his bouncy seat in the living room while I sleep on the couch if she falls asleep out in the living room or if she is congested. She was in a bassinet by our bed, but since she pulls herself up on the side, that doesn't work anymore. We just haven't gotten around to ordering a baby monitor, and she still wakes 1-2x at night, so it's just easier to have her right there to nurse.

  • My DD sleeps in a pack n play next to me or sometimes in my bed. Lately I have been sleeping on the couch because I been sleep walking and having night terrors so she is in my spot of our bed next to DH. 


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  • She sleeps in her room in the crib. Occasionally I will put her in the bed with us if she's having a rough night (teething). 


  • In his room, in his crib. Been there since he was 2 months old.
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  • Same as PP.
  • In her crib in her room:)
  • In the crib in his room. He transitioned out of my room a few months ago. It wasn't an easy process since he hates the crib at first and now he is great in it.
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