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help bronchitis

So we took DS to emergency room and he has bronchitis and rsv. They put us on breathing treatments and meds. He wants to be naked he gets so hot and I have no problem with that but when i lay him down to sleep his little body is hot on the top and if I pick him up his back is so hot its like its on fire. Suggestions? I cant possibly give him more than 3 baths a day. Anyone else been there?

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  • Does he have fever? Bc my girls bodies get so hot when they have fever.
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  • He did Sunday but since has not. Not that the thermometer picked up. Now im afraid the thermometer is broken so im just going to go to the store to get a new one!
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  • When my 12 yr old was 1 she had to be hospitalized due to rsv, pneumonia and double ear infection. It was very scary. So I can only imagine with a younger one. Hope he gets well soon.
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    Proud Mom to Kaleigh (14yr) Emma (12yr) and Hanna (7yr)

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  • @mandyreads we went to the er where they diagnosed bronchitis and no treatment plan. so the next day I went to the ped and he said rsv and gave us breathing treatments. This is kiddo #2 and #1 never got sick like this so I am in uncharted territory! The family doctor didn't see worried so at this point we are watching him like a hawk and wont let #1 anywhere near him. He seems to be getting a bit better each day but the nights are still a nightmare. Ive NEVER heard of rsv before so again uncharted territory! He had pneumonia at 2 weeks. Lord help us with all the sickness going on!
  • RSV is a respiratory virus many kids get during the winter months. It causes a lot of congestion and mucous production in the small lower airways which can become an issues with little babes because they primarily breath through their noses and when really congested can have trouble breathing and a hard time eating. They can also have a hard time clearing the mucous from their lungs leading to respiratory distress and sometimes pneumonia. Since it is a virus treatment is usually symptomatic in mild to moderate cases with nasal saline washes and bulb suctioning (especially before feeds), breathing treatments may help but not always, fever control with Tylenol, smaller more frequent feeds, humidifiers can help to loosen up mucous. In more severe cases - unable to eat, severe respiratory distress, high fever - they may need to be hospitalized for deep suctioning, IV fluids, and oxygen although this is the minority of cases.
    I have been a pedi ER nurse for almost 10 years and we see tons of this in the fall/winter. The good news is most due great and recover without issues in 7-10 days with the worst if it being around day 3/4. Do the best you can with him at home and if he seems to be getting worse or you are worried about his breathing just take him back to the Dr or ER for a reevaluation.
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