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Left butt cheek

hey everyone!
I just had my first us at 7 weeks this morning and saw the heart beat it was super exciting. However this afternoon I started having this pain in only my left butt cheek. Has anyone else ever had this?

Re: Left butt cheek

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    Maybe you pulled a muscle?
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    Could just be refered pain from cramping. Back when I had my IUD placed I had cramps in my left buttock with my period. Only for about 4 months and then I started having normal pelvic cramps again. Doc said it was normal and just caused by stimulation of the uterus that was new to the body. As long as you aren't having severe pain or aim associated with bleeding I wouldn't worry too much.
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    I haven't been to the doctor yet; I go tomorrow! I was planning to ask about this too. It is so bizarre. It feels like the left side of my tailbone is sore! I was wondering if anyone else had felt that either?
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    Lol. Yes I had the same thing my last pregnancy. Almost right from conception.
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