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Teeth + Nursing = $&[email protected]

Ok Breastfeeding mamas. My LO now has 4 teeth and nursing is sometimes pretty uncomfortable. Any tips to help keep those teeth from sinking in??

Re: Teeth + Nursing = $&[email protected]

  • I flick LO in the cheek or give her a firm "no." Occasionally I have screamed/yelled if it caught me off guard!
  • Find AmyG on the dark side. She has great BFing advice.
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  • Kelly mom suggests pulling baby in closer to get him to let go. My LO only has two bottom teeth so far, I'm dreading the day the top ones come in.
  • My LO has 2 teeth on the bottom. She's taken a few nibbles on me, but this morning she drew blood! Any suggestions? I don't want to quit BFing, but ouch!!!
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  • My baby also has two bottom teeth and has bitten me pretty good a couple of times. I now place my finger on her two bottom teeth and gently push on them right after she bites me and say "no bite," then I take her off my breast. She cried the first few times and hasn't done for about 3 weeks now. I too am nervous for when her top teeth come in.
  • My LO has his 4 bottom teeth and the other day bit me hard while nursing. Usually when he gets "bitey" I stop feeding him immediately and put my boob back in my bra and sternly say no. He starts to cry because he is hungry but understands if he bite he won't get any food. My little guy is a smart cookie and gets the point. It only happens once in a while for me at the moment but I'm nervous when the top teeth come in. Yikes! Best of luck
  • I've been telling him to be gentle. We've taught him gentle with patting faces instead of grabbing them which has worked for patting faces so I'm crossing fingers he knows what I'm saying when he's nursing. That sorta seemed to work. He has two bottom and one top tooth now and was definitely testing the waters a few weeks ago even last week. This weekend with all the family from Easter he was sticking his finger in people's mouths, one person gently touched their teeth on his finger and my baby drew his finger back super quick. Strangely he hasn't tried to bite me since! I thought I might try a version of the same if he tries to bite me again.
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