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bump measuring 4 weeks ahead.

Hello everyone! Im Cleo, I haven't posted on here before but i do pop in and out occasionally to see how everyone's pregnancies are going. I hope you're all well!
I have just left a midwife appointment and whilst measuring my bump im 4 weeks ahead. Im 27+5 with my second baby but measuring 32 weeks so I've been reffered for a hospital appointment on Thursday. Has anyone else had this? What can i expect? Im really scared my baby will be too big. Its also starting to grind my gears when people comment on how big he will be, im close to bursting into tears as soon as the conversation goes in that direction. TIA x

Re: bump measuring 4 weeks ahead.

  • Sounds worrying! The hospital appointment will scan and measure accurately and will be able to tell you more. Is the measurement based on fundal height? My midwife says it's notoriously unreliable.

    I would try not to worry until the appointment, they will be able to tell you what's going on. If baby is big, there's steps to be taken, good luck!
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  • They will do an ultrasound and measure your levels of amniotic fluid. Often times when you are measuring bigger you have too much fluid which could happen for a wide variety of reasons. Try not to stress and wait to see what they say.
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  • I haven't had any experience with that. Is there any way your due date is wrong? Keep us updated after your appointment. Hopefully you aren't going to have a huge baby. Just try to relax for now. 

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  • I'm measuring ahead too due to fibroids and other uterus issues. No problems for the baby just an extra huge uterus. Hope that helps!

  • Thank you for all your responses, i am definitely worried! When i had my 20 week scan he was measuring a little small, so im not too sure what has happened in 8 weeks! The measurements are based on fundal height. Hopefully everything is ok. The heart beat was strong and movements are frequent so i know the baby is ok otherwise.
  • My first was like that. He was 10lbs 4 oz.... It'll either be a large baby or they were off on your due date. I don't think there's a need to worry though.
  • I had a scan on Thursday, baby is still a little small but all organs are developed and doing well. They have discovered that im carrying too much water so i have to go back on monday for a GTT even though all my bloods showed no problems,nim also being re scanned on Thursday to check the water situation again and to discuss a further plan. Thank you all for your reassurance and advice! X
  • Same here. They are having me do an ultrasound at my next appointment so the way they and decide weather or not they want to induce me or let me go till my due date
  • Try not to worry...im measuring about 2 weeks bigger too....it could mean you didnt conceive when you really thought...remember EDD is just that...an estimate. Unless you are an IVF patient there is no way to know ur exact conception date (im an IVF patient so i am truly 2 weeks bigger). Im assuming you are talking about fundal height...which can be off. Ultrasound is much more accurate...also try to remember...our bodies do awesome things. Easier said than done...but try not to worry babe.
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