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Bulb Syringe

My LO is 5 months old and has her first stuffed up nose, lucky right? I have seen so many gross things about what can live in bulb syringes. How do you clean yours? Have you used saline drops?

Re: Bulb Syringe

  • I have used a funnel to pour boiling water & white vinegar into my bulb syringes-- but honestly I'd throw it out & get a new one (or buy a stash) with every illness.

    The nose Frieda is easier to sanitize & more effective.

    I've used the saline baby spritz for the nose. Arm & Hammer makes one perfect for little nostrils.

    No matter what you use your kid will act like you are dipping them in hot oil. Be prepared for shrieking, flailing & fun.

    Hope your LO gets better super quick.

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  • I have used bulb syringes, they worked ok for me, but I tired not to use them too much as I heard its not that good for thier nasel passages. I have heard good things about the Nosa Frida but have not tired it myself. I have used saline and that seemed to help a bit. Definitely get a humidifier if you don't' have one already. That will help to clear the congestion. Also, sit with her in the bathroom with the shower going so she can breath in the warm steam. I also had her sleep at an incline at night, which helped her breath easier.
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  • Get the Nose Frida.

    Gets a lot more out than those bulbs
    Cannot damage the insides of their noses like some bulbs can do
    Easy cleaning/sanitizing/drying so no mold should grow
    There are filters and a foot long tube that guarantees no snot will ever make it to your mouth.

    The thing rocks!
  • I concur with these ladies - get the NoseFrida. Totally worth the money, way more effective and easy to deal with than the syringe and they don't seem to hate it as much as the bulb.




  • Theres no cleaning those darn things, just get new ones. I will never go back to bulb syringe though. I always wanted a nose freida and found a generic one at walgreens and its the bees knees! If youve got serious snot then dont mess around with bulb syringes. that poor babe needs to breathe so he/she can drink her milk and sleep. I also swear by arm and hammer baby saline mist. I wouldnt get any snot out without it most times.
  • The concept of the NoseFrida totally grossed me out at first, but I have to agree with previous posters that it rocks! My LO had a cold when he was about 3 months old and it was a total lifesaver! Very easy to use and clean.
  • Nose frida!!!
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