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***Making Plans Monday***

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Please share you non IF plans for this week :-)
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Re: ***Making Plans Monday***

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    We're supposed to have be having a snow storm starting anytime now so plans for this week are kind of on the fence. If the weather is good we'll be having cheer on Wednesday and dance on Thursday. Friday I'll be doing my normal PTA stuff at DD's school. We're supposed to go to visit my grandmother in Virginia this weekend but that may be put on hold due to the weather too. We'll see what happens!
    (Former UN: iloveshanej)

    Birdie born 05/01/2007
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    This week, we have the usual school/work, plus the start of Lent (fish fry Fridays!).  We are in the process of buying a new vehicle this week, so that is exciting.
    My DD and I have been slacking on doing our regular visits to the library, so we'll start that up again.  Thinking I'll take her to see a movie this week, too.
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    Oh @BDevereaux‌ I love new cars!!! Fun!!!

    We are doing nothing. :/ we should clean our house and do laundry but eh.


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    Crazy work schedule this week. Outside of that, not too many plans. Mostly laying low during the Great Freeze. It was -14 this morning before wind chill. I know parts of the Midwest get much colder than that regularly, but we are usually at least above 0 as an average in February!
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    Supposed to leave for Florida tomorrow morning but our flight was cancelled and rescheduled for Wednesday :(. At least I'll have one more day to pack and clean the house before we go!

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    DH tells me that Sunday is National Margarita Day. :D

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    Well, a tree fell on our house over the weekend and DC is finally getting some snow today. That all means I need to get the tree & house sorted out, but it will take forever because we are a non-emergency case. I assume Wednesday or Thursday we will have the tree off the house so we can see the rest of the damage. 

    In non-sucky house news. I will get my butt back to spin this week and try running again. I always hate the first week or so after some time off. 

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    Boo for your flight being delayed @Frenchteachermama‌ and boo at a tree falling on your house @Flamingemu‌!

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