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Not a happy camper :(

I am sorry to vent here but i really have no other place to vent. My brother decided that they are going to stay here longer and i am not happy about it. I would like them to go home so we can get back to our new normal. ALso it has been two weeks since my mom has died and i just feel so lost and sad. 


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Re: Not a happy camper :(

  • Hang in there. I can't even image what you are going through. Can you get out of the house a bit and do something with your LO or H or alone? I praying for you!! Feel free to vent anytime!
  • So sorry to hear about the frustration with your brother! I can only imagine what all you must be feeling right now. Getting out of the house for a bit, even for a walk, sound like a great idea. Just a chance to breathe a little. Like blondee4685 saud, vent here anytime!! Hopefully they will need to go home soon and you can figure out your new normal soon!
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  • It's been a little over 9 months since my mom passed away, and while it never really goes away, it slowly gets more bearable. Some days I feel like maybe it's getting better and I and my almost ok, and other days just one look into my baby's eyes makes me fall apart completely. Try to take some time to get out of the house either solo or with your LO, and just get away from the stress and try to forget just for a little while. ♡

  • I'm sorry for your loss.
  • I am so sorry for your loss. What is the reason they want to stay longer? Do they just not want to go back to their "reality"? Please talk with them about your need to grieve in your own way- that means with your own privacy with your little family. Make plans to see them again in a month or so- when you feel you can come up for air again.
  • My DH DD and I went to target to get DD crib yesterday so it was nice to be away for the whole day. The closet target is about  an hour to two hours away. My brother is staying longer because he is not ready to go home yet. 


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