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Anyone else have dark circles under your eyes?

Not from being tired but just poor genetics. I've had them since I was a teen. I have pale skin and it makes them stand out more. I do wear concealer everyday and then you can't tell. But, if love to go makeup free and not feel self conscious for once. Just wondering if anyone had a procedure done to help make it less noticeable.
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Re: Anyone else have dark circles under your eyes?

  • My daughter has always had them. The doctor always told me it's because she rubs her eyes frequently so that makes it stand out even more! If you find anything out though, I'd love to hear about it!! 
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  • I have them too. I've had them since I was a kid and my doctor said I was because of a defect I have in my kidneys that caused frequent infections. The defect was corrected but my dark circles are still there! I really think it's genetic. My aunt has them too.

    I've never found anything that fixes them. I wear glasses so that kind of hides them a bit but nothing works like lots of concealer.
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  • FiancBFiancB member
    I have big, deep set eyes and it seems to afflict that type more than most. I've also heard that allergies can contribute to it. I haven't figured out a good way to cover them. I feel like when I try, I just make them worse, so I just put on foundation and move on with life. 

    Recently saw a youtube video where a girl used lipstick to cover them up. Been meaning to try it. 
  • I have them too. I just cover them up with make up sometimes. There are some creams for dark circles. Or home remedies.
    -Like certain essential oils like almond oil, chamomile oil, rose and sandalwood oil.
    -Mint leaves or honey or cold milk or tea bags.
    -vitamin e.
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