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Pregnant after 35

L&D Watch List - week of 2/15

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L&D Watch List

mdogan29 - 35 + 4
NeonNoon - 37 + 1
anonymousmotley - 39 + 6 - induction day was 2/12. Anyone know if she had her baby?
keilani28 - not sure what week # - in hospital getting induced now.

Did I miss anyone? Message me if you know of someone I missed, and I'll add them. I went off if the weekly check in list.
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Re: L&D Watch List - week of 2/15

  • Anonymousmotley had her baby! Updated in her induction thread. Congrats !!
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  • mdogan29mdogan29 member
    edited February 2015
    Eeeep! I've been so excited about the day I would show up here, now I'm super nervous! We still have more to do around the house to prepare and now I'm suddenly nervous about the actual birth (labor/pushing, etc.)! Any calming advice? :)

    Oh and all this crazy weather makes me nervous too -- hope it's gone by the time we need to go to the hospital!
    ME: 40, DH: 44, stopped BCPS 1/2013, TTC #1 2/2013, AMH 0.4, started acupuncture: 7/2013,
    BFP: 10/07/2013; MC 10/15/2013 @ 7 wks (natural), focused on health issues for 7 months.
    TTC again: 6/2014, 2nd round Letrozole, BFP 7/7/2014!!! --- EDD 3/18/2015!!! DS born 3/13/2015
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  • No calming advice, but good luck!!!! :)
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  • Like @mdogan29, I am quite nervous too!  Trying hard not to get too anxious about it.

    OB visit confirmed that baby is down there, in occiput anterior.  No cervix dilation or effacement yet.  I'm tweaking my birth plan for GBS and am pleased the OB is OK with intermittent monitoring in the absence of the water breaking, and stopping IV between antibiotic doses.
  • best of luck and ELV!! I wish I had great words of wisdom but I'm freaking out over how few weeks I have left. Lol. I'll be thinking of both of you!
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  • Keilani28 is in the hospital getting induced!
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