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Second birth vs first birth?

I know every woman and every pregnancy is different, but I'm curious how subsequent labor and deliveries compared to the first time?

This is my second pregnancy, and while it's not much different than the first, I think I'm handling it much better. Both because it's not a new experience and also because I'm doing a better job of honoring my limits. But I'm starting to get nervous about labor and delivery!
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Re: Second birth vs first birth?

  • So I have had quite a few.  I was induced with pictocin for numbers 1,3,4 and 6.  2, 5 and 7 I did not need induced....funny thing is all my non induced pregnancies were girls!  Coincidence????

    Labors themselves were quite similar.  My most painful labor I think was number 4.  Several factors probably contributed to that.  He was the one the day they were inducing me they did an ultrasound and told me he had fluid all around his brain and they did not expect him to live once born.  I was sent to a hospital that had a full staff of specialists and high level NICU in case they could treat him.  It was not a nice hospital.  It was total ghetto and mostly they treated like crack babies.  But it was the closest with the facilities i might need and my midwife at the time knew the head doctor there and was able to stay in communication with what was going on and make sure I had the best doctors available should i need them.  They did not induce in the kind manner most birthing center type hospitals do...slowly raising your pictocin drip levels.  THey cranked that baby high and fast.  I was not allowed to get up for anything once they started it, not allowed to drink anything etc. THe bed was soooo uncomfortable and I was super stressed. 

    If I can be upright and walking during labor they are so much faster and better for me.  I can walk and talk through every single contraction even the transition end ones. 

    Labor lengths were quite similar.  When induced (always due to being very over due and fluid levels going low) my labors go about 5 or 6 hours.  Non induced about 4 hours. 

    With my first it took longer to go from like 6 to 10 cent.  It was a gradual process.  With all subsequent pregnancies I go from 6 to 10 in one contraction. Its like immediate. 

    I have always had pretty strong pushing urges.  I never had to be told when to push or how long etc.  My first took longest to push out.  I don't really know how long.  I didn't look at the clock when I started.  I was so relieved that with my first once my pushing urge hit the pain from contractions was gone.  It felt good to push.  WIth my second she was the hardest to push out.  But she was turned over backwards.  It did not feel good to push.  It was still painful.  Most of mine beyond the first two needed much less pushing time.  However, for some reason my 6th was a bit difficult to push out.  I thought it would be much quicker and I even said at one point "how much longer is this going to be" because I really thought he would be out by that many pushes.  All those other labors the pain was gone at the pushing stage and sometimes it was a relief to push but sometimes it sort of gave me a panic feeling but I am not sure why. 

    I ripped badly with the first and second and had lots of pain afterwards.  The third I did rip but not as extensively and I felt pretty good after.  The 4th and 5th only required a couple stitches and I felt good after.  The 6 I had a tiny tear and she said it would heal better non stitched but I was much sorer than I would have expected.  The 7th I did not get stitched and felt good. 

    I felt like the bleeding after each was pretty comparable even though they say you can bleed more with more pregnancies.  I was never surprised or alarmed by mine.  The after contractions and cramping did seem to get worse each time. 

    Ummm...Thats about all that comes to mind...anything in particular you wonder about?
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    DD1 and DD2 were both born at 40 weeks, 5 days.

    They both had a gradual build up to active labour

    DD1 was 7 hrs active labour 1 1/2 hrs pushing. DD2 was 2 hours active labour, 5 contractions pushing.

    So for me they were very very similar, but DD2 was quite a bit faster, especially the pushing.

    I'm going to be really interested to see how this 3rd one compares.
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  • I think I might be the only one who never remembers how many hours I've been in labor. With DS i know I was admitted on a Sunday night around 6pm. I was a 4 at that point. I was there two nights. He was born at 1:20am on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Epidural. No inducing. 39 weeks exactly. I think I might have pushed 3 times and he was out.

    My DD was admit around 5pm on a Monday. She was born at 2:53pm on Tuesday. I was induced with her. Pitocin. I hated it. It didn't really make me progress. It just made me contract non stop. I was SOOO sore. Epidural. But it only worked on the right side. For some reason if I laid on my left, she would fall off the monitor so I could only lay on my right side. 38 weeks with her. Same thing. I think I pushed three times and she was out. I never tore with her at all.

    We will see how number three goes. I'll be at a different hospital. I'm kinda nervous about that. We will see!!
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  • My first was around 13 hours. My water broke and we headed to the hospital, was having contractions. After about an hour or 2 they were slowing down. So they gave me Pitocin. I hate that stuff! They made me lay in bed, I was not allowed to get up. It was very intense and painful. Plus she was sunnyside up. I'm not sure how but I did not get an epidural. I did not have to push very long.

    My second was around 6 hours and much easier than the first. Was able to move around, I would rock in a chair, did the ball, and walked. No drugs or epidural. Did not have to push very long.

    My third was around 3 hours. It went so fast, I spent some of the time taking a bath and getting stuff ready to go. Lol! I thought I had plenty of time. It was not bad, then all of a sudden it was "time" and I was at home! Lol! When we got to the hospital they kept telling me to wait and not to push. So they could get stuff ready and so the Dr. could get there. I tried...but was pushing some anyway. Hard not to! Needless to say she came out pretty fast. No drugs or epidural. I did have many holes in my arm from a nurse trying to hurry and put an IV in, till my Dr. yelled at her to stop!

    All of mine have been about have of the time from the one before, so it will be interesting to see what this one is like!! I would be good with 1.5 hours!! :)

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  • With #1 my water broke overnight and I was zero dilated so pitocin was given. 12 hours later I had progressed to 10 & started pushing. I pushed for 3 hours! I was sooo tired but she arrived safe and sound - 2 days overdue. With #2 by the time I felt contractions they were 4 min apart and I couldn't stand. I made it in time to get an epidural and contractions slowed and I slept overnight. OB broke my water next morning and baby came 30 min later after 1.5 pushes - 7 days early. So 2nd baby was much easier for me! Both 8.5lb girls.
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