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Extremely early wake up time

DD is 10.5 months and starts her day at 4:30/5. we try and let her stay in crib but she just gets mad. Also she wakes her older brother so that doesn't help.  DS went through this and eventually slept in when he was 18 months. I have tried everything (black out curtains / white noise). she naps fine during the day and actually goes to sleep within minutes of being put down with no crying so her bedtime at 7:30pm is working. Just need to know if anyone else went through this so I don't feel alone. :)

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Re: Extremely early wake up time

  • OMG, going through this right now! my twins are 10 months old, go to sleep just fine around 7pm, usually sleep until 645am. Lately, they are waking up twice a night, and then for the day at 5am - I think it's because they taught themselves to stand, and just loooooove practicing! It's awful, and I'm SO TIRED.
  • Same issue here! Ever since we dropped the 3rd nap he wakes up anywhere from 520-6.if I leave him in the crib which he's happy to be in he will still be awake for an hour plus I'm up so I just continue to get him up. I've had 3 people tell me to leave him in the crib and go back to sleep but I feel his day wil be all messed up depending if and when he falls back asleep. I feel I hours just start the day at 6 and be happy he sttn.
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  • My little duaghter wakes up betwenn 6am and 7 am so I have no practical advice. However I know some moms talk to people called sleep consultants to get a personalized advice. I hear that such consultants can ask you some questions and then come up with a customized sleeping schedule and othe rtips for you....Good luck and check back in to let us knpw how you have resolved the problem!
  • Babies only need on average 13 hours of sleep per day; if your LO gets lots of daytime sleep she may not need as much night time sleep. My DD does not nap much during the day (1 hour total at daycare, 2 hours total on the weekend if we are lucky), but does 11 hours at night. If you want more nighttime sleep you may need to cut naps. I read the Ferber book which goes over this in great detail; maybe check that out.
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