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Diaper Rash!! ;( please help

I was expecting to be a February Mommy but my little man had a mind of his own! After beating up mom (literally had to deliver due to intense bursing in abdominal area) my sweet boy arrived by csection on January 24! He will be three weeks old tomorrow and we had a check up Tuesday and also on that day we got a case of diaper rash we are 5 days in and it has gotten worse instead of better!?! I am a first time mommy is there any ways to help ease his pain???

Re: Diaper Rash!! ;( please help

  • What have you been using? If it's getting worse I would probably call the doctor.

    I like Vaseline mixed with cornstarch


  • Try keeping his tush exposed to air as much as possible as diaper rashes usually form in warm moist environments. Although I have never used this myself as a pedi nurse we used to mix up what we called butt paste, a combination of one tube lanolin, one tube zinc oxide, and an equal amount of vasaline. Apply a coat with diaper changes and don't worry about fully wiping off the previous layer with each change (wipe off but don't scrub it until bath time). The combo creates a great barrier from urine and stool and helps promote healing.
    You can also add in bacitracin if there are open areas but i wouldn't do that without talking to the pediatrician first.
    If it doesn't improve it may be yeast (fiery red with discrete boarders and satellite lesions) which requires a prescription anti fungal.
    Also try to avoid using commercial baby wipes which can contain alcohol and other additives which can dry and irritate sensitive skin.
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  • I was supposed to be a Feb mommy too :-) I am dealing with the same thing. I put a ton of Vaseline on the rash at each diaper change and would do naked time twice a day. It started to clear up in 2 days.
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  • We do naked tummy time to air out baby's bottom. Afterwards I'll put on Sudocrem (found by other diaper rash stuff in the store) after it came highly recommended by other moms.
    That always clears it up for me. Best of luck!
  • Yap,sudocrem does the miracle for you
  • I don't use wipes, I rinse the bottom off with water. I let the water warm up then rinse her off and pat dry. The wipes may irritate your baby
  • My daughter came out a week early & the hospital used vaseline, but when the my daughters pediatrician came to speak to me she said the best thing is desitine for diaper rash & when you're changing your baby's diaper use the bulb syringe to rinse off the entire area with warm water, pat dry & reapply more desitine. Baby powder doesn't prevent diaper rash, but you can apply some on the thighs so the diaper doesn't rub to much.
  • Our little girl went an hour without a barrier cream and developed a diaper rash - around 2 weeks old.  We were in the same boat..nothing was working..airing her out would show improvement but the second we put back on the diaper/there was moisture she'd get bad again.  We used desitine extra strength and it actually burned her bottom and started taking off skin!  We spoke with a pharmacist and they recommended Clotrimazole Topical Cream (kills fungus) and Hydrocotisone cream with Aloe.  We switched between creams every diaper change and continued to air her out...she loved having the blow dryer blowing warm air on her bottom.   This did the trick for us.  We now always use vaseline or coconut oil for a barrier cream every diaper change and continue to use the blowdryer on her to get rid of any dampness before her diaper goes back on. No further diaper rashes :)
  • Aquaphor cleared my sons diaper rash in literally one day. I also did the airing out/letting it get fully dry lbefore putting the diaper back on which helped a lot.
  • I was supposed to be a February mom too unfortunately my preeclampsia forced me to be induced and delivered on the 30th. Try letting it air out for a bit and then use butt paste (you can get it at walmart it's a red box). I put it on my lil girl at the first sign of rash and it gets rid of it instantly hope he feels better!!
  • You may need to see a dr. If it isn't getting better. If it is a yeast rash powder and Vaseline can make it worse and desitin etc. Won't help.

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  • Triple paste! It is SO expensive for a tub, but it works.
  • I use a layer of sudocrem or bepanthen and then apply baby powder over the top of that which creates more of a barrier. I also found some wipes which are a bit less harsh on babies bottom than most brands i've tried; called water wipes which seem to ease it a bit, tho cotton wool & warm water are the best bet
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