Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapering at daycare

Wondering if anyone has experience with cloth diapering while their child is at daycare.
Is it too much to ask of staff to CD?
Are places open to the idea or do they prefer disposables?
I'll be heading back to work soon with a 3 month old and I'm wondering what other people's experiences have been.

Re: Cloth diapering at daycare

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  • Hi there! I had my son in cloth at both an in-home daycare and a daycare center. Here are some tips I can offer:

    1) Know what you want. If CDing at daycare is important, then keep that in mind and go with that. Find a center that will take CDs. I promise, you will find one. We looked at both local and chain daycare centers as well as in-home.

    2) Bring diapers for them to see. We used pockets and AIOs with aplix so they were "just like a disposable". We showed the daycare people how to roll them up and drop them in the wetbag or pail we provided.

    3) Depending on how assertive you want to be, if a daycare center says they can't or don't because it's against rules/regulations, ask where. I kid you not, most will realize such a rule doesn't exist.

    4) Ask them for a trial period. Agree to maybe try 2 weeks of cloth with your LO and see how it goes. We did this with the in-home providers that we used and they wound up loving CDs so much they actually recommended them to others who were looking into their daycare!
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  • OP, a lot of the regs are no longer frequenting this board. Do you know how to find where we have gone? Feel free to PM me if you need help. If you can make your way over to the new place, someone there will be able to link you to more specific information on what regulations exist in your state, if any.
  • I CD at daycare.  It's not a facility but an in home daycare.  At first she was skeptical, but when I brought in the CD's (we started with prefold and cover and I showed her the AIO also) everything changed.  She was facinated at how easy they were and how different they were from what she remembered.  We decided that I'd bring in 5 wetbags each monday and just take home whatever dirty ones she put in.  I did not ask her to spray soiled diapers, just fold them in half and put them in the bag.  When I'd get home, I'd spray off any soiled ones and pull the inserts out.  I did laundry every other day.  Each day for daycare I'd bring in clean diapers.  I also always had one pack of disposables there just in case DD went through more than I anticipated, or if for some reason I just didn't have my act together and forgot or something.  I also kept some spare diapers there since I was really just estimating how many DD might go through.  It worked out so well and she had no leaks.  Our daycare now advertises that she accepts cloth diapers to all the parents, though most don't go for it. 

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  • Thanks for the suggestions! Right now I am using gDiapers with a combination of cloth and disposable inserts on my 7 week old and have some flips for when he gets a little bigger. I am hoping if I show them how easy they are to change and supply prestuffed diapers with disposables as backup they will be open to the idea.
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