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Morning Engorgement, but not pumping enough

I have a 3.5 month old and I exclusively breastfeed.  My breasts have regulated through the day, but since he sleeps longer through the night I wake up with engorgement every morning.  So after his morning feed I pump for the same time everyday.  I've been consistent with everything, but sometimes I pump out 5 oz, other times only 2 oz, why is that?  This morning, I pumped only 2 oz, and my breast were still engorged afterwards.

Re: Morning Engorgement, but not pumping enough

  • You can try hand expressing ; some women find it more effective than pumping. You can also try to trigger another letdown. But 2 ounces after breastfeeding sounds like a lot.
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  • I don't always get good letdown with pumping-I've actually been engorged before too and unable to get much out.  I tried warm washcloths, massage, looking at my baby while pumping, you name it.  None of that worked for me, but I do know that some of those techniques have worked for other moms.  


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  • Can you have baby at the breast (like a dream feed) instead of pumping? If you get up to drink or pee in the MOTN that can affect supply too.

    I always have responded better to baby at the breast than the pump.

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