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Intro and Potty Training Advice

Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting on this forum.  I posted in the December 2012 forum at the beginning of my pregnancy and again in the nursing forum when I had my child.  Anyway, it's been a while since I've asked for or given advice, but I have a problem that doctors can't seem to figure out, so I need advice.  I have one child that's two, and he is having trouble with the potty.

Let me start by saying, I have no interest in having a potty trained 2 year old boy, and I'm perfectly content changing diapers until this summer.  In fact, I was going to try potty training this summer when I'm off work (I'm a teacher), and I could focus all of my attention on it.  However, my little boy has his own agenda.  He does not like going to the bathroom in his diaper.  He would scream and cry, "Doo Doo!" before and after he went, almost as if he was in pain.  On two different occasions, I took him to the doctor cause I thought he must have a bladder infection  After testing his urine both times, they said he was fine.  Couldn't find anything wrong with him.

I then came to the conclusion that he didn't like feeling wet in his diapers, so I let him choose between diapers and underwear.  He always chooses underwear.  He's with a sitter twice a week and daycare twice a week, and he loves going to the potty with them.  He never has accidents with them.  He'll use both a little potty chair and a toilet with a child's seat with no problem. I should also say they're very sweet caregivers, and I've seen that they make the potty a very positive experience for him- no one is forcing him to go.

Here's the problem-  he refuses to go to the potty for me.  He won't even sit on it.  He'll scream, cry, and throw his potty at me.  I've tried a sticker chart.  We sing songs.  I've brought potty books into the bathroom.  We brought a doll in the bathroom and had her use the potty.  I've tried to keep it positive.  However, he won't even sit on the potty for me.  When I put him in a diaper, he still won't go.  He held his pee from 7:30 PM to 8:30 AM and didn't go until the sitter came over and took him to the potty.

I'm worried that he's going to give himself a bladder infection.  I've been pushing liquids, but he's really good at holding it.

What should I do?  Any advice?  Thank you for reading!
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Re: Intro and Potty Training Advice

  • Thanks!  Yes, we've talked about it with both caregivers, and we've been trying to mimic their approach (i.e. routine, language use "It's time to go to the potty," etc.) 

    That's a good point that he doesn't need to be completely potty trained at this age.  That makes me feel better.  The sitter and I actually said that his dad and I should back off for a while and just take his lead.  So, I'm glad you validated that decision.

    Thanks again!
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