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Early morning wake

DD will be 6 mos next week. We used the SleepEasy solution to sleep train and I wake her at 12am to feed her. She wakes daily between 440a-515a and will not go back to sleep. I try to let her fuss it out but she shares a room w/ my 3 year old and I'm afraid she'll wake her. This morning she got up at 440. I fed her and even though she was obviously tired (digging head into my shoulder after eating, etc) I put her back in the crib and she screamed so I picked her up at 510a. Any tips and tricks to get her to sleep later? She goes down between 630-645 each night and I don't want to put her down any earlier if possible and I don't want to keep her up bc that will probably have the reverse effect and disturb her nighttime sleep bc she'll be overtired- she can hardly keep her eyes open until 630 as it is. Thanks.

Re: Early morning wake

  • The only thing I can think of sounds like you already tried. Our guy usually wakes at 5:00 ish but if I give hm a couple ounces, tell him it's still bedtime, settle him in with his pacifier and lovey, he might talk a bit but will go back to sleep till close to 7:00. I keep the lights off the whole time. And I agree with you on the bedtime. Last night he barely made it to 6:30, I thought he would get up early, but same as normal. Wish I had something more! I know how frustrating it can feel!
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