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Schofield barracks anyone?

Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone else is stationed at Schofield or in Hawaii? I'm 20w4d and we JUST found out at our anatomy scan that we are having twin girls!! A very exciting surprise! If anyone knows of any mommy communities in this area or anything like that I'd love to hear about them! Thank you in advance! :)

Re: Schofield barracks anyone?

  • I'm just jealous you're in Hawaii. We're in Wisconsin and its 8 degrees outside. Congrats on your twin ladies!
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  • My husband is there! He's in the army but his boat he works on is on Hickam but he has to go to Schofield for a lot of things. I am moving out there some time and can't wait to interact with different mommies! We think he's leaving for a deployment but we haven't got orders yet so we're waiting to hear on that before I ship out to the other side of the country! I live on the east coast and just can't see myself raising my first baby all alone
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  • We are navy ~ I live on Ford Island. There is a mommy group on ford island that meets at least once a month I believe. Let me find out the details. I would love to connect with other military moms with children the same age :)
  • @alliebarry13‌ awesome! It definitely gets lonely when they aren't here so I don't blame you for of luck on your move when you do arrive! When are you due?
    @MJLamping85‌ I live in mililani so I'm a little closer that way! I agree it'd be really nice to connect with others who have little ones the same age. Especially being so far away from family and friends. Do you have any other kids? Our twins due in June are our first (and second!! Haha)
  • @MJLamping85 I live on Ford Island, too! What a small world! We are in Ford Island Landing on Tomahawk.
  • We live in Pearl City.
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  • Hi! Coast Guard and live in Kapolei! I'm 34 weeks and 4 days!
  • My husband is Navy, we're stationed at Pearl. We live over in Moanalua Terrace, right behind the NEX.
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  • So is living in Hawaii truely Paradise?? I'm hoping my husband gets stationed there!!! Lol anywhere but VA!:(
  • My husband is stationed in Schofield and I Also live in Mililani! My little boy isn't due until mid October though
  • Congrats! I'm pregnant with my fourth baby. I live in southern Cali, my husband is in the Air Force.
  • We are here, due with our first little boy mid November :)
  • My husband is stationed at Tripler and I work GS at Schofield! We're due with our first baby girl in October but it's looking like she'll be a September baby instead!
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