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working on #2.... Mommy advice needed

Hello all- TIA for reading.

DH and I giving #2 a go but it's a lot different this time. Our first was a complete fluke/surprise but fabulous blessing!!!

This time around I am looking at calendars and following cycles. It's very stressful and we just started trying lol!

My question is- if I am supposed to get my period on the 24th... how soon is too soon to take a test? They are confusing themselves. Any fan favorite tests??

Sorry I sound dense. Help!!

Re: working on #2.... Mommy advice needed

  • Do you mean a pregnancy test or ovulation test?

    And you do not sound dense! :)


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  • Pregnancy test. Thanks :)
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  • Download an app for tracking periods/fertility. The 1st day of bleeding = cycle day 1. If you are having 28 day cycles, you are probably ovulating on day 14. Having sex on the day of ovulation is often too late for most of us. It is best to have sex every other day from the end of your period until ovulation day (sex every day decreases sperm counts).

    When to test depends on how long your typical cycle is. The egg can only be fertilized for 12-24 hours, sperm can live 3-5 days (which is why sex every other day on the days leading up to ovulation are the best for conceiving). Once the egg is fertilized, it travels down the tube for ~5 days. Then it enters the uterus and attaches to the uterine wall. That is when your body will start making the hcg hormone. Women could get a faint positive pregnancy test ~10 days after ovulation. Test first thing in the morning when the urine is most concentrated. Once pregnant, the hcg level doubles every 2-3 days in early pregnancy.

    Good luck!

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  • Try to wait until the day you expect your period. It's really hard to wait that long, I know! If you must test early, buy a lot of the cheap pregnancy tests like these. I know you can get them at dollar stores.
  • Agreed on buying the cheap tests. Especially because it may not happen so fast this time. For us it was right away with DS but around 6 months with DD so we went through a couple boxes... I always jumped the gun testing though. I got positives 2 days before my period and 4 days before my period, but I know some people don't until after their period is due. They say the best time to test is first thing in the morning while the urine is still concentrated. Best of luck!

  • Don't stress over it or think about it too much.. just get in a lot of practice and don't 'push' out the baby juice as quickly as I assume you normally would if you were just doing it for 'fun' :P I would say always pee after sex since it helps in preventing UTIs ( I am no doctor but I just feel like this is a preventative step besides showering and washing up the lady bits)

    really though every time someone has told me they were trying to conceive and were all 'organized' about syncing dates and tracking periods it seemed like it just didn't work and once they were just letting it happen they were preggers in no time.. I think that being too organized about the whole situation adds stress to the body and the subconscious mind making it harder than it really is.. so just have fun and let your little miracle happen when its supposed to happen :) GL!

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    Absolutely buy cheap pregnancy tests. Dollar store tests work perfectly fine.

    I know it's hard to wait but I never got a positive until the day I missed my period, and even then, it was very faint.

    And I would disagree with not tracking dates and "letting it happen". I was on 3 different drugs to conceive and if we hadn't had sex on the day we needed to, we wouldn't have our amazing DD. IMO it's smart to learn about your body's cycles and understand when you are ovulating. I used Fertility Friend and found it incredibly helpful. Good luck!
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  • We had the opposite experience.  Very focused on trying for the first one, and it took months....and then for the second one we said, "if it's meant to be-it will just be."  And we didn't calculate or anything.  We just did our normal thing and it happened the first shot out.  So I guess I'm saying, try not to stress.  (easier said than done).  The best way to make it happen is leave it up to mother nature and the universe.  And it will just happen:)  Good luck!
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