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My son is 4 weeks old and i breast feed and supplement with formula due to lactation supply issues. Today he has been eating every hour or so, and taking down about 3oz of formula at each feeding. Normally he drinks 2oz or less (plus bm). The last 3 hours he has been drinking nonstop, about 8oz plus bm, and as soon as we take the bottle away he starts rooting around and sucking on his hands. He acts ravenous! Just a few mins ago he threw up/spit up a few times then immediately passed out asleep, finally! this normal!?

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  • At 4 weeks there is usually a growth spurt, which causes baby to cluster feed. Totally normal.
  • you can also try a pacifier, unless you're against that.

    if LO eats way too much you will know because it will come back up. instead of looking like partially-digested milk spit, it literally flows out of the mouth and looks the same as it went in. it can be easy to over feed at this age because their stomachs are so darn small - hence eating so often!
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