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22mth old cries everytime I leave!

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For the past few weeks my dd has been very attached to me, it's heartbreaking when I leave for work in the morning. It doesn't matter if I leave her with our sitter, her father, grandmother, she still gives the same reaction. Nothing has changed in our daily routine or the time i'm gone for. I'm at a loss here, please tell me this is just a stage and it will get better!? I reassure her that i will be back, that i'm going to work, nothing seems to help.

Re: 22mth old cries everytime I leave!

  • It's a stage; it will get better (and come back and get better, etc.).  When my kids are young, I hang with them a while then do a quick kiss and flee.  My DD 3.5yo now will verbalize it: "Mom, I want to spend the day with you!".  I give her a big hug and say some variation of "I want to spend the day with you too!!! I am flattered. Today is a day for work, let's come back for dinner!"  After we spend multiple days together (vacation, long weekend), the separation anxiety is stronger for both kids --- and me too ;) .  Hang in there!

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  • It's a stage - DD is going through it too.  I thought she was done with separation anxiety but apparently it can come back.  She freaks out when DH leaves to walk the dog.  I just calmly explain to her that Daddy is taking Kane to go potty outside and he'll be right back and then turn her attention to something else.  She of course gets so excited when Daddy returns.  It's a rough stage because you feel awful for leaving when it's so obviously causing your child anguish but I know from talking to my mom (who watches her some days) and the daycare teachers that within 15 minutes she's over me and on to something else and doesn't even ask for me throughout the day.
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