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Hand movements/ wrist "circles"?

My 6.5 month old son makes these weird hand movements basically when not holding onto something.  He moves his wrists about, almost in circles and opens/closes his hands.  He's  been doing this for a few months based on what I can remember.  Does anyone else's LO do this? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Hand movements/ wrist "circles"?

  • Completely normal. Stop worrying.

    Yes this. ^^

    Babies "discover" their hands/fingers around 4-7 months. I'm not sure what about this movement is bothersome to you or causes you concern?

    I'm not snarking you. I'm serious. Why are you worried?

    To answer: my 18 month old still enjoys playing with his feet & fingers. Give your LO some textures to touch-- fuzzy, smooth, slippery. Let them get messy.

    Yogurt finger paints & different chopped up foods (in case LO wants to sample it lol).

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  • Thanks.  Was only worried because my daughter never did this and I've never seen it before.  Thanks for the thoughts.
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  • I also think this is a normal developmental stage; and it also looks really cute!
  • Mine does this too! I've discovered he's waving "hello!"
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