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Shower for family in need?

I have a long time friend who is due in 2 months, and has a 2 year old. I know it is not proper etiquette to throw a shower for second child, but I just found out her house burnt down Sunday, leaving them absolutely nothing. Any thoughts to how her family and I can throw her a shower, without it being a "formal" shower? I'm comepletely lost on this.

Re: Shower for family in need?

  • This is such an extreme circumstance. I wouldn't at all be offended to be invited to a shower for this couple.
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  • I would just go ahead with a shower. Not just because they truly have a need for baby things, but they probably also need a little happy and fun time right now to help get through such a bad situation. Agree with pp that I'd also pick up a few things for their 2 year old, though that shouldn't be dictated on the invitation (you could talk about it with other very close friends, though).
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  • Agreed with pp
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  • Wow. First of all, I'm so sorry for your friend! What a horrible situation to be in, but at least they have their lives. In this case, I'd overlook etiquette altogether and throw her an awesome shower. I'd be devastated if I lost all of my stuff so close to giving birth. I'd also try to collect some secondhand clothes and toys for the 2 year old as well. Your friend probably needs as much help as possible and what happened to her was beyond her control. Idk what etiquette dictates here but I think having a heart is more important in this case, etiquette be damned! (Gasp!!)
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