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Did you stop driving?

I'm 29 weeks with twins and my belly is getting really close to the wheel. Was there a point at which you could no longer drive? If so, how far along?

Re: Did you stop driving?

  • I'm 36 weeks and still driving, although it is very uncomfortable so I don't often. I like driving with just a little of my foot on the pedal so that's probably why my belly isn't touching. Have you tried moving your seat back?
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  • I still have a little room but I'm short with short arms so can't move my seat back more and still reach the pedals and steering wheel.
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  • I stopped around 29 weeks because I was put on bedrest.  Physically, I probably could have driven until I delivered at 34 weeks.

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  • I'm 29 weeks pregnant with twins also....still driving. Probably wouldn't be if I didn't have long legs.
  • I drove the entire pregnancy. Babies were born at 33+6, belly measured 45 wks. I'm not tall and didn't have any problems.

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  • I'll probably be screwed in late pregnancy. I have a stick shift car and no space between my hips and ribs, so I expect everything will stick out in front of me. I've already warned DH that he will be my on-call chauffeur.

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  • I stopped at 33 weeks, was really uncomfortable
    Me: 32, DH: 34.
    Trying since Jan 2011. Unexplained IF.
    2 IUIs = BFN.
    1 IVF (Dec 2013) = BFN.
    FET, 2 frosties (June 13, 2014)

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  • It wasn't comfortable but I made it yo 38 weeks measuring about 10 weeks ahead of that and never stopped driving.
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