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Mastitis :(

anyone else suffered from this at all? So painful !! I'm currently on anti biotics it's been two days but not feeling much better, any good pain relief options??

Re: Mastitis :(

  • I just got over a bout of mastitis! I just took aleve or Tylenol and the antibiotics. Just nurse through the pain & make sure to keep that breast as empty as possible to clear the blockage out. I pumped right after he nursed to make sure it got empty & stayed up all night to make sure he nursed every 2 hours. Mine only lasted about two days!
  • Oh & I used those purple gel bead pads from lansinoh heated in the microwave! Heaven! Well worth the investment if you plan to continue breastfeeding!
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  • I had it really bad with my first.. it took 3 different antibiotics to finally take care of it. Make sure you are nursing a lot and massaging while in a hot shower.
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  • I found it helped to lay in a warm tub (kind of sideways to get the infected breast in the water and express/massage the infected area. But yeah. It's the worst. Keep it as empty as possible. Cabbage leaves helped, but they can lower milk supply, so I only used them when I got mastitis while weaning.
  • Mastitis is awful! At first I thought I had the flu with my symptoms until I noticed the red patch under my breast along with a significant and painful lump :( massage, pumping, nursing and lots of rest! And yes those purple breast pad things you can heat or freeze are great. Also, I developed mastitis directly after doing way more than I should have been being only 2 weeks postpartum, so take it easy!
  • I've had it twice now. DS is 5 weeks. It's awful! And this time has caused my supply to TANK :(

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