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Xp: Keep using car seat or switch to harness booster?

For those of you who have went from a forward facing car seat to a harness booster, what's the main difference besides the height / weight limit? Is the harness booster more comfortable for them? Is the car seat safer?
You can't ask questions on the car seat lady or csftl pages.
Our Britax goes up to 70 lbs and 49 in and the frontier would go up to 90 lbs and 58 in. Would I wait until he reached the limit of the advocate and then use the frontier for 20 lbs or 9 ins mor make the switch sooner?
Sorry for the long post. Tried googling with no solid luck.
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Re: Xp: Keep using car seat or switch to harness booster?

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    You can join the group CSFTL and ask questions there. It is a fast moving group so make sure you bump your post as needed.

    The seats all pass the same safety guidelines in this country. So for your situation it's really a matter of preference. You can switch sooner than later or just outgrow the Advocate then get the Frontier with a newer manufacture date so it has a longer expiration date for you.

    You'd probably get to the pint of being able to use the seat belt booster before 90lbd so you'd have until the booster weight limit. The frontier is one of the longest use seats I've heard of. I have one sitting in my garage waiting for me to do a switch of some of my seats .

    Without knowing your child's stats it would be hard to know how soon they might outgrow the Frontier in weight for harness.
  • I'm not sure that's accurate that a booster is just as safe as a harnessed carseat. I think that as long as your son fits properly in his convertible seat that that is his safest bet. I realize I don't have a citation on that though so you might want to research a little bit more before you take any of our advice...
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  • Without knowing your childs statistics, it's always safer to keep your LO in a rear facing harnessed seat to the seats max, then FF harness to the max, then belted harness to the max, and so on and so forth. With that being said, my 2yo is in a FF Britax Frontier 90 in one car, and a Diono Radian RXT in the other. He was in a Graco MyRide until he turned 2 because my husband hates the Diono and the Britax Frontier starts at two years, hence waiting. He was RF in the Diono from 4 months until recently because he outgrew his infant carrier and I plan on using the Radian until it expires, or he outgrows it.

    Do you want to buy a new seat? Honestly, if the seat is installed correctly (the Advocate) and LO hasn't exceeded the max weight for installation (latch vs. belt) then why spend the money on a new seat if the current one works fine unless you just feel like a new car seat? 

    I could have continued using the Graco MyRide, it was five years old, used it with my first, had lots of food stains, etc. but worked fine. But it sat up a lot higher in the truck so LO couldn't climb in and out on his own, and DH was tired of it. Hence buying a new one. But I researched and bought one that would last us the remainder of his car seat days with the weight/height limit and ability to use as a belted booster. 

    ****I am not a car seat technician by any means, any advice is purely based on my experience in researching seats for my own children, based on my wants and needs, their statistics, etc. Please make your decisions based off your research/findings.****
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