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My kid stinks!

My almost 5 year old seriously smells when I pick him up from school. Like bad B.O.! The teacher said he is nonstop outside. He runs and runs and jumps around the whole time. If I've picked him up during or right after recess he is really sweaty. I mean I bathe him every night so I know it's just from playing but seriously! Is this normal?

Re: My kid stinks!

  • Hi -- mom of a stinky boy here!

    I don't know if it's strictly "normal" but I know my boy runs around a lot, sweats a lot, and gets stinky. Mostly it's just a regular sweaty smell, not the pungent hormonal sweat smell of a middle school boy.  But my guy's only 10, so he's got a year or so before all that.

    In the summer, his bedroom just smells... like a locker room.  His head and hair get sweaty and stinky. And the feet?  Don't even get me started!!

    I did get him deodorant to wear before his karate class or a tournament, or on days when he has PE at school.  He doesn't wear it every day, but I'll remind him sometimes.
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