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Anyone use similac alimentum?

My twins are 9 weeks old and are breastfed and formula fed as well since I can't meet their demands. I have switched them from similac advance to similac broken down protein due to gassy/fussiness it kinda of helped but my friend told me to try similac alimentum since she tired 7 different brands for her son before this worked like magic, she said he stopped being fussy and gassy and started sleeping. Wondering if anyone here had good results?

Re: Anyone use similac alimentum?

  • Alimentum is specifically for those babies with a diagnosed milk protein allergy. Symptoms include, fussiness, spitting up, and often may have blood in the stool as well. If you think your baby has this then you should see your pediatrician as they can test for microscopic blood in her stool since you may not always see the blood. BTW, I am a pediatrician.
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    My almost 6 week old has been extremely colicky since about 2 weeks old. We tried everything. Mylicon, gripe water, camomile tea, Gerber soothe drops, sensitive formula... Nothing helped! I switched to alimentum yesterday and have seen a huge improvement already. It is very expensive, but completely worth it for us. My baby is not miserable, gassy, and crying all day anymore! Worth a try.

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