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How Has Having Two Kids Changed Life

My DD is two now and we have one on the way due in October, I must admit I am a little nervous!  

Some of my friends say that going from none to one was harder than from one to two.  What have you ladies found?  Thanks :)

Re: How Has Having Two Kids Changed Life

  • Thanks ladies,  I am trying to spend as much time as I can with my DD now but morning sickness is currently kicking my butt!
  • The biggest change, once they are a little older, is the overall noise level in the house. It doesn't just double; it's multiplied by a gerjillion. They are always at their top volume (I have boys--they do not yet understand the phrase "inside voice"): fighting, laughing, yelling, wrestling, playing, etc. There was a time I regretted having them so close together because it took my introverted husband and I awhile to adjust to the racket. Time worked it all out though since my oldest has matured into a quieter personality. The boys have always been best friends, but now that they are 5 (well, almost 5) and 7 they are almost equals in terms of playing games together. 

    Obviously, if they are close in age, that first three months is tough as far as sleep deprivation goes. That is why I'd argue that going from one to two is much harder since generally you can get some sleep here and there with one. If you've been up all night with the baby and then your older child is ready to go go go at 7am and they are too young to be unsupervised...that feels a lot like physical torture. It doesn't last forever though, and even at 3am with a crying baby my heart was overflowing with ewy gooey love and adoration for my newborn. 

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  • It is truly an amazing experience (we're due with our third next month).  I have a 5yo son and a 3 yo son, they are amazing together (most of the time), but it's a true joy watching them play and laugh all day.  It was a bit of an adjustment at first, my first shopping trip was a disaster, but it gets easier and you learn quickly what to do. 

    The one thing that will amaze you is how old your first "baby" will look when the new one arrives.  Enjoy every moment - two little ones make life more exciting.  ;-) 
  • Parts are harder and parts are easier. Mine are 2 1/2 years apart. The toughest part is that you never slow down. One always needs you and there is always noise. Now that mine are 2 and 4, they can play together but that is usually short lived because they fight. I would definitely say going from 1 to 2 is harder than 0 to 1. When there is only one you still have some down time and can pass the baby off when you need to. When there are two that almost never happens. But at least when the second one comes things aren't surprising anymore. You learn to not sweat the small stuff so much. I love having two kids and I'm glad they will grow up together. We even want a third so it can't be too terrible. Best of luck!

  • I have a 4 years old girl and now a boy on the way. So 4 years apart.... I wonder how that will turn out.
  • My daughter turned four a few months after my son was born- it changed drastically for us because my daughter has always been laid back, independent and self-sufficient. We never had to baby proof the house because she never tried getting into anything. My son on the other hand is completely opposite. We have little to no quiet time during the day (weekends) because when the little one is napping the older one wants one on one attention, that is when I don't make her have quiet time in her room. Leaving the house used to take 15 minutes and that included waking my daughter up and getting her dressed. Now it's an easy 45 with the logistics of two. In the beginning it was really easy because she was such a help and he was laid back. Then he turned two and became a handful (still sweet, just a little boy) and she's started pulling some little girl attitude... 

    She's sweet with him, so gentle and caring but we had to force her to get a little possessive because she would let him run all over her, take her things, etc. It's just the different stages, you go from physical exhaustion with the smaller one to mental exhaustion with the older one :)    But you just make it work! You find your way and stick to it. For me I'm very schedule and structure driven and it has to stay that way or all craziness breaks loose in my home. 

    Good luck!
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