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Need ideas for twins' second birthday

Hello all! 

So I know it's crazy far in advance, but I love planning parties for my kids. I always try to start as early as possible so I can pick up things as I see them in thrift stores and on clearance. My twins had their first birthday party in November and we did a "Winter ONEderland" theme. Since they are twins, two babies, and turning two, I was hoping to think of some cute pun theme to work with like we did with the first one, but I can't come up with anything. Just wondering if anyone out there had any ideas :) Also, they are two girls
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Re: Need ideas for twins' second birthday

  • First off, boy am I glad to find someone who's a super planner like I am! All of my friends think I am nuts, and it makes me feel like a weirdo sometimes. But totally get where you are coming from. I mean, I'm throwing a frozen party in Sept, and I would have needed to start planning after Christmas time to get discounted snowflakes, right? Anyhoo, I have 2 girls who may as well be twins, they are 11 1/2 months apart, so I usually do a joint party. For their 1st and 2nd, I did a Sesame street theme. Made veggie platters to look like the characters, jello mold Elmo, had rainbow colored balloons and goodie bags. We made home made lollipops. For your twins, it could be "Brought to you by the number 2." Make different colored and sized 2's all over the place. That's all I've got for now. Will write again if I think of anything else.image
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  • The themes that I can think of that tie in two would be "Two two trains" (choo choo trains) and "Tu-tu" like a ballerina wears.
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  • How about a tea party theme- Tea for Two?
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