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Nasty cold

My LO has a nasty cold. We have his bed elevated, humidifier going, Saline drops, and bulb syringe. He is just running low fevers. The nurse said there is nothing else to so unless he gets worse. Any treatments out there I'm not using? Poor guy sounds miserable but still has a smile on his face.

Re: Nasty cold

  • We love the baby Vicks at our house! That and the Johnson's vapor bath both help when we have a stuffy baby. Also, for quicker results while the humidifier is getting going, we hang out in the bathroom and snuggle with the hot water running and a nasal aspirator. I got a great one at Walmart that has a silicone end that goes up the nose, and works so the air goes out a different direction so you can just stick it in and squeeze a bunch of times instead of having to take it out in between, and fight to get her to let me get it back in.

    Hope your little one feels better soon!

  • Sounds like you're doing a lot right! We used a baby vick's too, actually a natural one but I can't remember the name. Some on the chest and some on his feet with socks.
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  • Used Vicks on chest and feet too. They also Vicks patches that goes on top of clothes. Hope your LO feels better soon.
  • We use the nose frida, which I find to work great. Also, we use a rub on LO chest/feet when he gets congested. I use "breathe easy rub" by Honest Co, but I know Vicks also sells one for babies.
  • Sounds like you're doing everything you can already! Baby colds just take a while to go away, the nurses told me 7-10 days usually but could be longer, especially at this time of year. Hang in there, as long as LO seems happy then you should be ok to just ride it out.


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