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Hi, y'all!

Hi ladies--we are relocating to the Manchester area early this summer (June). I've lived in TX my whole life. I'm excited for the change but intimidated by the climate. ;-)

I'm active in our local proboard (we spun off from the bump a few years ago) and would love to get active in a NH board as well, both for resources and for meeting people. Is this the most active board or is there a proboard or other spin off?

More about me: I've got two kiddos, a son who will be 4 and a daughter who will be 5.5 when we move this summer. I'm a children's photographer and have degrees in English and journalism. We're looking for houses mainly in Bedford, but I am very open to hearing other areas to look at or avoid.

Thanks! I hope I get to meet some of you some time. :)

Re: Hi, y'all!

  • Have you checked out Goffstown?
  • Have you checked out Goffstown?
    Not yet! Do you love it? One of the things at the top of my priority list is the elementary schools. Public schools in TX leave much to be desired, so I'm excited about the opportunity for better schools in NH.
  • We do love it. It's got that small town feel, with better amenities. There's a public park with swimming pool, a rail trail. They pick up trash and recycling every week as a part of your taxes. They offer the maximum veterans tax credit allowed by the state(don't know if that applies to you). The high school is really highly rated as well as the other schools.

    It's near Manchester but without the same feel as Manchester. Bedford is nice too but the property taxes and values are pretty high. Goffstown can be a little more affordable. And you have to pay for your own trash removal.

    I gree up in Londonderry which is teally nice too and just moved from Derry, which is ok(but has really high property taxes).

    What brings you to NH?
  • Oh, wow...it never occurred to me that trash/recycling wouldn't be a covered service! Lots to learn. I also hear that properties have private wells for their water supply? That's new for me as well. Is the water filtered somehow? The property prices are higher than TX, but property taxes are actually only a small amount higher--the benefit of coming from another state with no income tax, I guess. :)

    My husband got a new job.

    I have a notion that I am going to make some complete rookie mistake in the snow and somehow strand my family for days. I've been watching y'all's weather with wide eyes the last few weeks.
  • This crazy snow is really unusual. Definitely research the towns you are looking at for things like the trash. Derry doesn't include trash removal either but Londonderry and Hudson do, as well as Goffstown.

    Not all places have wells. Wells and septic tanks are common in Londonderry. In Derry and Goffstown we've been on town water and sewer.

    Whether you choose to filter your well water is up to you. Though, most of NH is built on Granite and has lots of Iron in it. It really depends on where your individual house is.
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