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My 2YO is having out patient surgery this Friday and I'm nervous

A few months ago my son caught a terrible staph infection on his chest at daycare. It was so bad that they had to do surgery to drain the infection. It was a quick surgery, he was sedated but only for about 15 minutes. During that surgery the doctor found something called a branchial cyst. He's surgery to have the cyst removed Friday and I'm nervous about it. This surgery will take longer (45 minutes- an hour) so its more time under sedation. I'm just really nervous. I know that his doctor has performed this surgery multiple times and its not considered a big deal. I'm just a worried mama I guess. Does anybody have experience with bronchial cyst removal or any surgery their LO had to have that can offer me some calming words? 

Re: My 2YO is having out patient surgery this Friday and I'm nervous

  • I don't have experience with that cyst but my son had his tonsils and adenoids removed and ear tunes put in when he was 2. Typically they Iike to wait til 3 but his needed to come out. Naturally I was worried but he did really well. I'm sure yours will too!!
  • T&P. No experience with this, I'm sorry. I hope all goes well dear!
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  • Thanks so much everybody. I'm sure things will go smoothly 
  • My 2.5yo had ear tubes put in last winter when he was 18mo and is going in to have them replaced with new ones next week.  He did very well and nurses and doctors were amazing!  I was of course freaking out the whole time in the waiting room, but the cuddles after were amazing!  I'm sure he'll do great, try not to stress yourself out too much! 
  • My daughter had a dermoid cyst removed from her skull when she was almost two.  The surgery took about 45 minutes and she recovered quickly and hasn't had any issues.  The hardest part was how she reacted when she woke up from the anesthesia.  She was so confused and fighting us.  It took about a half an hour to calm her down. Hope everything goes well. 
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