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My little one was born at almost 28 weeks and has been home awhile now. I am trying to find ways to treat her plagiocephaly.....does anyone have any tips??? PLEASE

she is developmentally btw 5-6 months so is moving all around!

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    my son was a bit flat due to laying on his back so much. nicu time + "back to sleep." we did a lot more tummy time to get him off his head as much as possible. i also got a fisher price sit me up seat so that he could sit supported but he head was free.  also when he started sleeping on his side that helped a lot. 

    i know some babies need a special helmet but i would ask your pedi or nicu at your next follow up, if that is the best course of action. the helmets are not so bad, just i heard they are expensive. recently, there have been a few nice stories of artists donating their time/skills to paint the helmet so it looks more like a fun hat than a medical necessity. one was painted to look like a basketball, another a little aviation hat with goggles. we didnt need to go the helmet route but i know if we did, i would have prob decked it out haha. best of luck with things! 
  • I would talk to your pedi right away. The longer you wait the harder it is to treat. Obviously the softer the skull bones are the easier and faster a helmet can fix the skull shape.

    My LO needed a helmet because tummy time and sleeping on different sides of his head wasnt doing enough. My LOs was severe enough that his ears and eyes were uneven ( this is measured in millimeters) And one cheek was more full than the other.

    Helmets can be expensive (about $5,000) but for us, insurance did cover 80%.

    My LO will have to wear his for 10-12 weeks, but he really doesnt notice it all. It is really light weight and it has not affected his sleep at all. The only thing we do have to watch is this body temp. Because its like he always wearing a winter hat. So we have to watch for sweat.

    We got our helmet through Cranial Technologies. I would call them for a consult. The first one is free.

  • LO was a 34 weeker with plagiocephaly.  We tried repositioning, tummy time, PT- none of these options worked.  She was referred for a consult for a helmet at around 6 months.  She wore it for about 3-4 months, with no ill effects at all.  Now at almost 2, she has a perfectly rounded head.  I am so very glad we did it.  Insurance did cover it as it was in their guidelines as being medically necessary. 

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