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  • Also, Nerium is terrible and made out of all kinds of yucky stuff.  Google that shit.  Bleh.
    I did.  I'm embarrassed to say I wasted my time, but yes, I did and yuck.
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  • @flamingemu How are you feeling today?
    Hey! I am getting along just fine. I am still really crampy, but hopefully that is the estrogen doing its job and not anything bad. 

    L got into bed with us last night and actually sletp - it was a miracle. I of course slept like ass so I am exhausted. I am going to head to bed early and starfish since I have the whole King to myself. 

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  • THT- you have a PM from me :)
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  • Oh here's a lesson for you guys:

    You have to give your baby a bottle as soon as possible because if you don't they may never take a bottle. It's called nipple confusion.


    Now you know the trufe ladies.

    What a fucking moron.
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  • Guys, my kid is an emotional basket-case.  We are all walking on eggshells all of the time trying not to set off the next tantrum.  He wants to do everything, but he doesn't tell you that he wants to do it until after you've done it.  If you turn off the light, he wanted to turn off the light.  Boneless tantrum.  He also tantrums over wanting to do things he can't even do, like he wanted to start the car this morning.  He even had a tantrum yesterday because he got a Cars sticker and he wanted the car to come off of the picture  :-??

    I know that 2-year-olds are obviously not rational, but we have gotten to a place where he is in one tantrum after another all day long.  It is seriously exhausting for us and I feel bad for the little guy.  It must be so frustrating for him too.  Anyone dealing with this?


    Sounds like our Ethan's are in a similar place. Ethan wants to do everything himself-he even wanted to turn the stove on the other day. I had to explain to him that there are some things that he can do and there are others, like turning the gas stove on, that are hot and that H and I do. I'm trying to let him help as much as possible, he used the mop (dry) the other day for like 2 hours. I know it's so frustrating.

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