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Anyone skipping cereal?

I have not had any success with feeding our LO cereal. No matter if it's rice or oatmeal, it's a throw up rally afterwards. We have a pediatrician appt in 2 weeks so I'll discuss with her, but curious if anyone else just skipped cereal all together? I've read different reviews on nutritional value for both, and I'm not finding it to be a necessity. Anyone have advice? He is eating solids and that's going great!

Re: Anyone skipping cereal?

  • It's only to teach baby to chew & swallow. It has no nutritional value.

    We did barley-flax meal, but honestly if you mush up avocado or banana it achieves the same goal. Don't freak out about gagging. It natural when learning to eat.

    Also, how thick is the cereal? You could be just over loading LO's tummy. If you just started then one or two ounces of formula mixed with a little bit of oatmeal should be ok. You have to gradually thicken it.

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  • I skipped cereal/oatmeal.  No harm, no foul.  If it's not going well, skip it and try baby-led weaning or purees or something.
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  • No cereal for us. Went straight to fruits and veggies and then meats as quick as we could. Dr said no nutritional value except for the iron but there's foods that can give them that :)
  • DS is allergic to rice cereal I think. We tried and his face would freak out within 20 minutes. We are doing oatmeal instead and he loves it!!! We mix in apples or pears with it. 

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  • We skipped cereal completely. My son just started jar foods, but we may stop that and go straight to baby led weaning. He has no interest in the jar food at all!
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  • My pedi, even at LO 4m appt, said to skip the cereals and that she was ready for jar already if I wanted. I, personally, wasn't ready to feed her jar at 4m.  Interestingly, pedi didn't recommend that for my first LO 4 years ago.
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  • Cereal want LO's first food but I ended up giving her cereal after her last appointment with the pediatrician. She was born 2 months early and missed out on building up her iron stores. We weren't getting enough iron from the purees so now I mix rice cereal in with most of her meals.
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  • We skipped cereal altogether. We decided on starting our son on jar foods. He had bananas first.
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    It has the same nutritional value as rice crispies (with less sugar and added vitamins).  So not "no value", just not as beneficial nutritionally than fruits and vegetables.  We use it as a cereal, so we mix in pureed berries, etc. and as part of his morning "meal".  It also helped to slowly thicken purees for when DS was getting over his sensitive gag reflex.  Curious though, does he vomit immediately after eating the cereal, or a little while afterwards? If it's immediate, maybe it's too thick or "sticky" of a texture that's causing him to gag/vomit? If it's a little while afterwards maybe something to do with a dietary sensitivity?



  • I skipped cereal, purées, and went straight to finger foods, which was fine till I realized she may not have gotten enough iron (she's almost 10 mo and still mainly breastfeeding)... so we see trying to add it to her solids, but she doesn't love it... I have to put a pea or lentil on it to get her interested!
  • Our Ped recommended starting with cereal but after doing extensive research and discovering there is literally no nutritional value, we decided to start with pureed sweet potatoes. LO loves them and we've also given him carrots (loves), bananas (hates), and today he'll try peas for the first time. Our Ped seemed annoyed that we skipped cereal but LO is fine & has been in 95th % since his 1 month check up, so clearly he doesn't need the cereal. With that said, I did have my husband start him on 1 small serving of oatmeal in the AM this week just to circumvent any food allergies. Sometimes not giving your LO a food can exacerbate a relatively small sensitivity into a full blown allergy.
  • I tried cereal with my LO. she hasn't taken to it yet though. I keep trying every couple days to see if she'll want it but honestly, I'm just ready to give up. she has a doctor appointment in two weeks and I'm sure her pediatrician will okay baby foods and I'll just try those instead.
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