Toddlers: 24 Months+

Severe exzema

I have looked back a few pages to find this thread. My 2 yo started breaking out bad before her birthday. It looked like an allergic reaction at first, so my MIL took our new dog. Then the doc said it looked like Classic exzema, and recommended an oatmeal bath, eucerine lotion, and a steroid cream. Then a day after her birthday, she woke up with a bad rash on checks, and horrible rash everywhere else. Doctor said she had swollen white tonsils and cannot tell if it is a viral rash or exzema. Then her lips swelled 3x what they were, and we took her to ER. They gave her antibiotics, dispite the fact all tests came back negative for infection. They said it was an infection of some kind. Her lips went down, but cheek rash is still there, along with patchy rashes on wrists, ankles, stomach and back. Doctor referred me to a dermatologist, and then to an allergist. Can anyone tell me their thoughts on exzema, exzema relief, and if you think this may be another issue? Thanks!
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