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Help! My daughter seems to be insatiable and is eating quite a lot. The problem is that after she is done eating she still wants to play with the bottle. I think she really just wants to suck, but the pacifier doesn't seem to work for her for very long since it doesn't "leak milk" (as she wants to play with the nipple on her bottle). Any ideas on how to get her to be awake and not think she needs a bottle in her mouth all the time?

Re: Feeding

  • I have twins and am BF, pumping and supplimenting with formula at night. But my babies act hungry after having a bottle at times and I just put them to my breast to let them suck a little more. It satisfies them and usually puts them to sleep. If your not bf at all im not sure if you want to do this, but its just what I've been doing to satisfy their sucking need.
    *loss and BFP mentioned*
    Me: Endo & No Tubes 
    DH: perfect!
    IVF#1 (Sept 2013) Long Lupron Protocol
               17 retrieved, 15 fert, 1 perfect blast trans, 10 frozen
                BFP--Ended-- Blighted Ovum
    FET#2 Tentative Sched: Start meds CD1=Feb 1, ET= Feb 19-20
              One Grade 4AA Blast transferred, 5dpt- BFP HPT, 6dpt- line darker
              Beta #1- 50, Beta #2- 30
              BFN- Chemical preg
    FET#3 CD1-4/11, start Injections on CD13, ET scheduled- 4/29
             CD12 u/s & bw- Lining 8.7, estrogen 335, cleared for ET in one week!
             CD19 ET- Two Grade 4AA Blast transferred one with assisted hatching
             4dpt- POAS = BFP!....POAS everyday after = DARKER! FX!
             Beta #1- 703!  Beta #2- 4,004! 
             First U/S, 5wk0d- TWO gest sacs, Both with yolk sacs and a fetal pole both measuring 3d ahead!
    ((Thank you LORD, praying these LO grow, grow, grow!)) 
    **Due date Jan 14th- Boy/Girl twins**


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