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Hemorrhoid surgery?!

So, during my pregnancy I was plagued with horrible hemorrhoids!!  This past week I had a physical with my OB.  I still have lingering hemorrhoids from my pregnancy(2013) which will need to be surgically removed.  My husband and I have been talking about trying for child number two in May.  Honestly, the thought of having the painful hemorrhoids I had the first time has made me put off trying for child #2.  My OB thought it was a good idea to have the surgery prior to TTC.  I am on board with this if it means I have the chance of being more comfortable during my next pregnancy.  Has anyone else had this surgery?  How painful was it post surgery and how long were you uncomfortable for?  Did you have to take off of work and did you have any restrictions?  What was your experience?
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Re: Hemorrhoid surgery?!

  • I am on the verge of having the procedure. I heard it is a really simple out patient procedure. Most choose to go fully under to have the surgery done. Then 2 weeks of recovery and you're good as new. There is always a chance of the hemmie coming back so you will want to take extra measures when you get KU


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