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Sleep Sacks

My LO is about to outgrow his favorite sleep sack--he's 10 months and 30 inches long. What are your babies sleeping in now? Would you buy longer sleep sacks or transition to something else? We live in a cold city so I want to keep him cozy.

Re: Sleep Sacks

  • We stopped using sleep sacks when LO started pulling himself up and falling. Now he sleeps in fleece footed pjs and he uses an A&A swaddle blanket.



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  • I love sleep sacks and ds used them well past a year. I make my own.
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    I also make my own, but sprang for a Grobag for this baby because it can get down to the upper 50's at night in her room. She stays toasty warm in the 2.5tog ones. She fits in the 6-18 mos and it's pretty big still.
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  • We have this one from Ikea, it was about $16.99. It's 33" long, lots of room to grow for my LO who is 29"!
  • I'm all about GroBags. They tend to be roomy. DD wore them until about 18 months and I'll keep using them for this LO too. He's in the 6-18 month size right now, but he's a big boy, so I might need to buy the next size up. DD never needed the bigger size.
  • We still use a sleepsack but we're in Michigan and it's pretty cold. My favorite is a chamois Halo sack that we got from pottery barn kids but she's in a size medium and we only that style in small and large. The one we have now is halo but is cotton and not as cozy. She's standing in her crib now and haven't had a problem.
  • I guess I'm naughty and just use fuzzy jammies and a blanket. We used sleep sacks in the beginning but once she got older and more mobile she hated being restricted in any way.

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  • We're using a Halo fleece sleepsack in L, and it's got plenty of room for LO who is 22.5 lbs and 31" long.  Whenever it warms up, I'm thinking I want to get a muslin one--unless it turns out that AC keeps his room colder than I think it does.  He seems to find them cozy.
  • My little guy is small so still fits in his. Sounds like there are a lot of us Michigan mommas hanging around still. :)
  • We use Halo's winter sleep sack in size large. It's quilted and really warm and roomy. Baby girl can still crawl around and stand up in her crib with it on. Got it off of amazon. I need to check out ikea's stash!

  • I have the multilayer A+A sleep sack. They go up to XL in size and you can get single, double, Quad, or filled for thickness.
  • @Acers‌ - that's our final cue for bedtime too. He totally knows what it means and starts crying bloody murder. He calms down though once he's in :)
  • We held to sleep sack of bigger size. Thankfully the brand we use make sleep sack in 3 sizes upto 36 months so we were saved. It's a part of our BT and baby1 was sleeping so well in it that we didn't want to disturb his routine. DD is using it now. A decision well worth!!
    And I love my sleep, yeah I sleep better knowing she is warm and safe. We use Baby Deedee sleep nest both versions quilted for bt and lite for naps.
  • We stopped using sleep sacks quite a while ago when DD start rolling and sitting up as they just made her mad. We live in a cold area, actually still getting snow. She is just fine in fleece footie pjs. if it seems extra cold I will put her in a onsie first, but she is normally just fine. 
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