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Intro and TPR question

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Hi All,

I have lurked for some time and messaged with a few of you in the past year or so.  Hubby and I are getting serious about starting the adoption process using Adopt Help.  We have begun to fill out the paperwork, will be setting up a time to speak with the attorney and getting everything going.  We have a big milestone vacation planned for the fall that we are calling our babymoon and are starting to get excited about the journey, no matter how long it may be.

I am a big believer in things "feeling right" and we have researched a lot of facilitators, agencies, attorneys etc that have been recommended on this site and other and feel comfortable moving forward with AdoptHelp.  If anyone would like to share feedback, it's greatly appreciated.

SO, I could swear that it was on this forum but maybe I'm mistaken.  But isn't there a concise TPR/Revocation period spreadsheet floating around somewhere?  Google and the search feature on the bump were no help.  I should have saved it.  I will get this information from the attorney in a few weeks when we speak since we can finalize in any state but be picky about revocation periods but I'm anxious to make a list myself.

Thanks in advance!

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