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Legitimate work at home options?

I'm on my maternity leave and already panicking about going back to work in 10 weeks. Does anyone have any ideas of actual work at home jobs? I've searched career sites but most of the opportunties seem sketchy.

Re: Legitimate work at home options?

  • If it's a legit wfh, I don't see how it's possible to care for your infant simultaneously.
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  • my hope is to work part time and my mom and sister will help out. still more manageable to have flexibility of at home work than in an office...
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  • They are usually few and far between.  Generally, the best situations are where you talk to your current job about working from home.  
  • One option that would not be a conflict with caring for your child would be babysitting other children in your home.
  • Sikes is a company I am familiar with that is basically a call center but you work from home. It's a legitimate opportunity with varying schedules so you could plan your "work" hours, through scheduling options provided by the company, to be at a time when people are available to help with your little one! Application is online, interview is over the phone.
  • Don't be fooled...if you are working a real work at home job you can not have your kids at home with you unless you are doing daycare. It doesn't work like that, they're too big of a distraction.

    I work from home full time, and my kids go to daycare.


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  • I hate to say it, but working from home + kids usually doesn't work well.  I work PT from home and I can barely send out a quick email, much less take a phone call, without being interrupted by my kids crying, yelling for me, or fighting with each other.  When I work from home, my DH has to be there to keep the kids busy.  If I have anything important to do, I go into the office.  I can bring my LO into the office right now (I'm exclusively BFing and she sleeps most of the time), but when she isn't sleeping most of the day, that will have to stop.  Good luck to you and I hope with the help of your sister and mother you find something that works for you!!
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  • @lavet22, thank you for your firsthand insight- it's very helpful to hear from someone who lives it!
  • a company called Zephyr Partners is pretty flexible. I think their website is something like zpacs.com
  • The only real wfh options to provide you with the flexibility you want would be through multi-level marketing like Arbonne or Nerium. But it's still work. You just have to be self-motivated. I have several friends who make a VERY good living doing those.

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