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No longer a fan of bed sharing! Help.

After I had LO, I quickly realized he was a frequent eater - around the clock. I wanted to ensure I was doing my best when it came to breastfeeding, so I attended La Leche League. It was advised by everyone there, that I bring him into bed with me for nighttime feedings. Because LO was my first, I didn't realize what I was setting myself up for. Well, now at 9.5 months, he is much bigger, squirmier, and is up all night fussing and eating. I know I created this set-up, but I really need this to change. My poor husband is now sleeping in another room because LO takes up so much of the bed. 

Looking for any ideas to transition him out of my bed. The unfortunate thing is, we are unable to use his nursery now for a few reasons, so his crib is now in our room. I am thinking about converting it to a toddler bed and attaching it to my bed for now, but doubtful he will want to be in it and will still fuss and eat as much during the night. Since he has been born, I don't think I have had more than a 3 hour block of sleep. I am desperate.



  • Ahh me too. My 8.5 mth old is in bed with me and I say every night I'm going to give the crib another shot. He moves around so much and ends up sometimes with legs stretched on my pillow/head. I have the crib (one side removed) attached to my bed, it didn't quite work for him as he knew what was up. It may work for you-sleep close to him and if he fusses just rest a hand on him and shush him so he knows you're there. Who knows, may work!
  • I am in the same boat. I just started ISIS "trading down" yesterday and it seems to be working great. It is so easy and there are no tears. She slept in the crib all night and it only took about 10 minutes to sooth her when she woke up.
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  • You should give crib another try. It may take sometime but he will adjust. Make sure he stays cozy and snug while in the crib. I put my LO's sleep sack in my bed for a while so it had my body scent. I believe it comforted her while sleeping on her own. We follow a short bt routine of bath and cuddling and than sleep sack while drowsy. It's a part of our bt. Helped LO sleep so much better, here's the link
    They also have bi-color crib sheets so when we removed one side of the crib, it looked like a bumper.

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