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flying with a 5 month old?

Any tips on flying with a 5 month old? We'll be flying from North Carolina to utah next month and I wanted to know any tips on how to keep baby entertained, quiet, and everything else. Thanks!


  • I'm in the same boat (except LO will be 9 months) I pretty much take that you shouldn't overpack your carryon, take lots of handi wipes, and feed during take offs and landings.  There is a blog called cup of tea that has a video of flying with a baby that I think is really good, I think that she is talking about an older baby but I thought that she had a lot of good points. Good Luck.
  • I just flew this week with a 12 week old for the first time. I flew by myself, my husband, LO and I all drove to FL, we realized that it was just too long of a drive for LO. So I flew back with her on my own. Using a carrier thru the airport is a must with only one set of hands! Getting thru security was tough and trying to close/open the stroller while holding LO was hard too. Thankful for nice passengers and flight attendants that helped me out. I fed her as soon as we got to our seat and she fell asleep right after and slept the entire 3 hour flight! She did not cry at all, the air pressure did not seem to affect her! If she didn't hate the carrier so much I wouldn't have bothered with the stroller and just checked it. As it was I only used the carrier when getting on and off plane. Hopefully she does as good our next flight in about a month! Good luck!
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  • Carriers e great.... I used the moby wrap with my son when he was 10 weeks old. We flew from NY to L.A.! The only thing is that u cannot have them in a wrap or carrier during take off and landing..... It has to be approved by FSA I think..... We will b flying with our 3 kids in a month.... DS will be five months old and im hoping to carry her in a wrap as much as possible and feed her or use her paci for take off and landing. Good Luck!
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