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  • Ya.
    I still want to chat but haven't gotten to PB yet nor joined the new FB group.
    And since there's only a handful remaining here, I don't say much because its so long before any replies.

    (Crickets chirping)

  • Haha Ya... Lots of crickets.
  • I'm still here, just extremely busy with work and school for the next two months. The only down time I have now is usually when I'm eating or preparing food, especially since DS is boycotting sleep at night.

    I'm here I used to check here once a day but it's soooo slow
  • I check in a couple times per day to see if anything new has popped up. But so far, there isn't anything I can contribute to lately. :(
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  • MaggieM1986   completely off topic, but the pic in your siggy of your lo is THE STINKING CUTEST  baby I've ever seeeeeeen!!!! I've been meaning to tell you for ages ;)

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  • @kimberpoo‌ awwww thank you!!! That was one of her pics from the hospital--she was 1 1/2 days old!
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  • @MaggieM1986 that is a super cure siggy!!!
    TTC #1 since 2007. Dx: Unexplained infertility. 4 IUIs in 2008 = BFN. IVF #1 07/09. DD #1 born April 2010 (40w5d).
    TTC #2 since 2011. Dx: Endometriosis and hypothyroidism. 2 FETs in 2012, BFP 6/12 but m/c @ 7 weeks. IVF #2 06/13. DD #2  born March 2014 (40w1d).
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  • I'm still apparently trying to get banned what the fuck.. I have posted porn, cussed, yelled at people?  
    I check once a week to see if I can still post..

    Me 42, dh 49

    6.30.98,  6.21.00,  12.4.01,  2.12.03,  3.21.14

  • Been MIA for a while, but checking in to say hello!

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  • What happened to everyone? I used to be on here for hours! Not necessarily posting but reading a lot.

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