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Not sure how to handle this cycle... advice please

Hi Ladies,

My husband has to travel this month for a week, and unfortunately it is going to fall right exactly during my fertile period.  We were told we have 3 options and we are debating between them.  I'd love your advice.

Option 1:  Delay ovulation using hormonal birth control pills for 2 weeks, then take Clomid while H is away.  I am concerned about playing around that much with my hormones.  My RE recommended it but I asked a few other doctors (a GP, an OB, and another fertility specialist) and none of them recommended it.  It also loses 2 weeks.

Option 2:  Freeze a sample of H's sperm for an IUI while he's away (timed with Clomid and Ovidrel).  This sounds much healthier for my body but is not covered by insurance and will probably cost about $500.  H is also feeling pretty bummed about the idea of our baby being conceived in an office while he's not even there.

Option 3:  Skip this month.  Obvious downside; the upside is that we don't waste stress/lots of money/lots of hormones over one complicated cycle.

What would you do?
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Re: Not sure how to handle this cycle... advice please

  • If it were me, I would skip the cycle. I guess I just feel like those other options are so complicated, not to mention expensive, and play around too much with hormones/emotions. In the grand scheme of things, what is one month? I know it's frustrating though. I was benched for a month due to a cyst & just took the time to take care of myself & not think about fertility for a brief moment :)
    Anyhow, that's just my 2 cents!
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  • I would skip the cycle.  

    I wanted to do an IUI in Jan, but we were out of town, now it looks like Feb won't work because of a trip, and March we have spring break travel plans as well.  I guess I need to stop traveling.
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